City & Zoning Lookup

The City & Zoning Lookup is an address based search that enables you to verify the following:

  • If a property is located within a city, or if a property is located outside of all city limits, and...
  • What the current zoning of a property is.

Simply type in the address of the property of interest in the following address bar, and either click on the magnifying glass or press enter. Results are displayed below the map along with the contact information for each city located within Ada County.



If you have questions related to Building, Engineering, Planning, or Zoning, and the subject property is located within the limits of a city, please contact the identified city:

Boise: 208-384-3830
Eagle: 208-939-0227
Garden City: 208-472-2921
Kuna: 208-922-5274
Meridian: 208-884-5533
Star: 208-286-7247

The information provided on and by this mapping application is to be used as a general reference only; it is not intended as a navigational document. Ada County does not warrant the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of this data nor shall it be held liable for data inaccuracies or misinterpretation.