This website requires the use of Geolocation. When the website first loads, you will be prompted to turn on the location services of your device and allow the sharing of your position. This happens first to enable a watch position, which continuously checks for either gps, wifi, or ip location readings. A blinking gray circle will indicate where the website believes your location is. You may notice the blinking gray circle moving, even though you are stationary. That is geolocation obtaining an improved signal of where you are. If the blinking circle is a distance from where you currently are, wait a bit to see if your positioning improves before making an intensity ranking.

Gathering your position is essential for locating where odor is occurring, and local weather conditions associated to that position.



Click on the MENU button to access options.


The MENU panel


o   ABOUT button - Opens a dialog containing more information about this website, and also a link to Ada County Landfill Odor Management Plan.


o   RATE IT button - This is where you rate the odor intensity!


o   RECENT button - Allows querying of ratings for each day for the last 7 days.


o   Satellite image - Toggles the basemap to satellite imagery.


o   Wunderground logo - Links to the KIDBOISE68 personal weather station located at the Ada County Landfill.